Why run a home server?

There's a common question:

Why run a home server?

This is rather like asking "why own a bag of tools?"

Building and running a computer as a home server is a jumping off point. It requires learning a lot of core computer engineering skills along the way. If you work with technology in any way, this can be mildly enlightening in of its own.

The Swiss Army Knife

Chances are you've heard of Linux, or at least seen the penguin.

Linux is the Swiss army knife of operating systems. It is obscure compared to Windows and Mac OS X, but incredibly versatile. It can run on the cheapest of computers, tailored to exactly the needs of the circumstance.

When you complete this skill, you'll have such a tool at your disposal.

What You Can Expect

This skill assumes you've seen a command prompt (terminal) before, but not much more than that.

More advanced readers may be interested in System Administration.

I'll do my best to make everything as step-by-step as possible, using screen captures and other media to help where possible. I am providing this course out of desire to help others approach some daunting topics. But I count on your gracious feedback to help adjust explanations and examples where needed. I'll do my best, but computers change rapidly!

By the end, I'll turn towards some interesting uses of a home server.

If you have any feedback or requests, you can contact me directly.

— Zane

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