Home Servers

From hardware to operating systems, get your home server up and running... and then make it do something useful.

Running a server at home is more than a good learning experience. This skill will break down the basics of getting one up and running, and then dive in to the many uses of a home server. It starts with hardware and operating systems, and then moves on to talk about home media centers, blocking advertisements, multi-room audio systems, and more.

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Technically Wizardry
Technically Wizardry

The skills on this site are used to organize the DIY guides from Technically Wizardry. Each skill, like building a home server or System Administration, are broken down into the component steps...

Every Step in the Skill Breakdown (table of contents below) begins with [FYI] or [DIY].

  • FYI steps are informational. They explain how and why something works.
  • DIY steps are instructional. They show how to actually do something.

This sub-site (Skills.TechnicallyWizardry.com) is built on a educational platform. This allows for better "step-by-step" organization, as well as uploading screen captures, videos, audio, and source code (when relevant).

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